Cool Story Bro.

If you’re attractive the the only thing you really need to do is breathe to make someone fall in love with you

do you ever look at a couple and say to yourself, “wow you guys are probably going to break up lol”

if there isn’t a law that prohibits hot people from wearing clothes by 2013 then i am so done

i wonder how the first woman on earth handled her first period

i got so high today that i thought i was chillin with barack obama but it was actually just my black friend

i dont even remember where or how i learned how to masturbate

tumblr is basically a dating website for teens

money should be free

you know how cars have horsepower? i used to think that toilets have horsepower too because like how the fuck do you flush down my shit with such force

one time when i was high i saw an airplane and flipped out because like how the fuck are you flying like that